Paraffin wax

Himbalt Trade OÜ
Kesklinna linnaosa, Rȁvala pst. 6, 
Tallinn, Harju maakond,
10143 Estonia

Paraffin wax

HimBalt — an international trading company with an impeccable business history. We have been active in the business of petroleum products and petrochemicals for more than 20 years and supply our products all over the world, particularly to the CIS countries, Europe, Asia and many other countries.

We hold direct contracts with all the petrochemical refiners on the CIS market and offer a wide range of the following products:

— slack waxes;
— petrolatum;
— paraffin;
— etc.

The TDS will be provided upon request.
We ship our products by RTC and tank-trucks.
We are always trying to improve our service, providing our clients with flexible payment terms and shortest lead time.
Should you be interested please do not hesitate to contact us.
Hope for mutually beneficial cooperation with your company.


Parafin Т-2


Slack wax, mark 1

Gazprom Оmsk

Petrolatum (OMSK)
Slack wax 2
Slack wax 3
Slack wax 4


Petrolatum NZMP
Slack wax ANHK
Slack wax NZMP


Slack wax (mix)
Slack wax (SN180)


Paraffin T1
Parafin NS
Parafin P2
Slack wax for protection YV-1

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