Base oil by four groups

SIA Himbalt
Dzirnavu street 41/2,
Riga, Latvia, LV-1010

Base oil by four groups

We deliver our products in more than 43 countries

We hold direct contracts with all the petrochemical refiners on the CIS market and offer a wide range of products

Group I

BS-150 (VHI)
SN 1200
SN 150
SN 250
SN 350
SN 400
SN 500
SN 600
SN 650
SN 80
SN 900

Group II


Group III

2 cst
4 cst
6 cst
G-Base VHVI-4
G-Base VHVI-6
G-Base VHVI-8

Group V

AK-15 (Lubrication oil)
Cylinder Oil Grade 11
Transformer Oil Grade T-1500
Turbine Oil T-22
Turbine Oil T-30
Turbine Oil T-46