Base oil by four groups

Himbalt Trade OÜ
Punane tn. 16-312,
Tallinn, Harju maakond,
13619 Estonia

Base oil by four groups

We deliver our products in more than 43 countries

We hold direct contracts with all the petrochemical refiners on the CIS market and offer a wide range of products

Group I

BS-150 (VHI)
SN 1200
SN 150
SN 250
SN 350
SN 400
SN 500
SN 600
SN 650
SN 80
SN 900

Group II


Group III

2 cst
4 cst
6 cst
G-Base VHVI-4
G-Base VHVI-6
G-Base VHVI-8

Group V

AK-15 (Lubrication oil)
Cylinder Oil Grade 11
Transformer Oil Grade T-1500
Turbine Oil T-22
Turbine Oil T-30
Turbine Oil T-46