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Cookie Policy

Effective data: May 2018.
Update data: 1 January 2020.

You are on the Site (hereinafter - "Site"), which is owned by Himbalt Trade OÜ (hereinafter - "Himbalt") registered and operating in accordance with existing legislation of the Republic of Estonia. For the purposes of its operation the Site uses Cookie files.

"Himbalt" respects and complies with the rules of inviolability of private life of all Site users and accepts the importance of the personal data protection.

To make you completely aware of the information regarding Cookie files, why they are necessary and how they are used, we have created the existing Policy.

Please, study carefully the content of the Cookie Policy, as well as the Privacy Policy.

If you press the "We use cookies to provide you with the best possible service and to continuosly improve our website. To find out more, read our Cookie Policy and the Privacy Policy, I accept all the conditions and would like to continue working with the site" button in a pop-up electronic form on our Site, you agree with the present Cookie Policy.

Pay attention that the consent to the use of the Policy is limited to this Site and is not applied to other Internet sources, which can also contain hyper links to the site.


Cookie Files are small pieces of data in a form of text files that contain a set or letters and numbers and directed by the web server to the device with the Internet access which you use to visit the Site (for example, a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet).  Then the files are sent back to the web server at the time of the next visit of the Site.

Cookie Files are used for functioning and improvement of the Site. Cookie Files usage is a standard practice for most websites nowadays.

Cookie Files enable easy navigation between the Site pages and memorization of your actions and preferences (for example, your records, the language chosen, etc). Cookie Files may inform us, for example, if you have visited the Site before or you are a new user.

Cookie Files may be stored on your device for different periods of time. Some Cookie Files are deleted automatically after you close your browser. Other Cookie Files are stored on your devices once you have closed the browser until their termination or until you delete them from your cache.


Despite of the fact that most of web browsers accept Cookie Files automatically, final decision about whether to accept them or not depends on you.

You can control Cookie Files and manage their use via your browser. In particular, you can customize browser settings in such a way that you will restrict Cookies acceptance and notification about the dispatch.

We would like to pay your attention that deleting and blocking Cookie Files may affect the user's interface of the Site and disable some Site components.

If you disabled one or several Cookie Files, we can anyway use the information that we have received from Cookie Files before you have disabled them.

You can get acquainted with the instructions on Cookie Files management for common browsers following the links below:


"Himbalt" uses different kinds of Cookie Files on its Site, each of which is used for a special purpose. Depending on such purposes, Cookie Files may be divided into several categories:  Depending on their storage period:

  • Session cookies. These files are stored in the browser until you leave the Site.

  • Persistent Cookies. These files are stored in your browser during a certain period after the session in the browser has been completed (if you have not deleted them).

Depending on their origin:

  • First-party Cookies. These files are stored on our Site while you are visiting it. They allow us to collect analytical data, memorize language settings and perform other useful functions which help ensure a steady interaction with a user. 

  • Third-party Cookies Third-party Cookies are created by websites of third parties that you do not visit directly but the links to which our Site may contain.These files are used for cross-site tracking, retargeting and advertisements display.

Depending on their purpose:

  • Strictly required Cookies. These Cookie Files are required for access to our Site and the use of its functions.

  • Functional Cookies. These Cookies allow the Site to memorize the choice that you have made before, for example, what language you prefer or your password or user's name.

  • Performance files. These Cookies collect the information about the way you use the Site (for example, what pages you visited and what links you followed). This information cannot be used for your identification. The only purpose of these files is to improve functions of the Site.

  • Marketing Cookies. These Cookies track your activity on the Internet to help the advertisers show you more relevant information.

Our Site uses Cookies from all above-mentioned categories which are displayed in details in the following table: 






1 year

For language choice personalization


10 years

For user's account information storage



2 years

Advertisements profiling


2 years 

Quantity and time of previous visits


Our Site uses Google Analytics. 

Google Analytics uses Cookies to help the Site analyse how users use it. The information about your usage of the Site generated by Cookie Files will be transferred and stored on Google server in the USA.

IP addresses transferred by your browser within Google Analytics will not be linked to other data stored in Google. You can disable Cookies storage choosing certain settings in your browser.

Google Analytics is used in accordance with the requirements which have been agreed with German data protection authorities together with Google.  Information about a third-party provider: Google Dublin, Google Ireland Ltd. (Google Ireland Ltd.), Gordon House, 4 Barrow St, Dublin, Fax: 353 (1) 436 1001. 

Google Analytics Use Policy can be found at the link.
Google Privacy Policy can be found at the link.

"Himbalt" may allow third-party services and retargeting Cookies, such as Google reCAPTCHA, Yandex Metrica, Google AdWords, etc., to collect information about your online activity on the Site. This information is used to provide advertisements which are relevant to your interests (behavioural advertising) and to collect the information which helps monitor and manage the effectiveness of advertising and a number of users.


If you have any questions concerning the Cookie Policy, please, contact us via email:

We use cookies to provide you with the best possible service and to continuosly improve our website. To find out more, read our privacy policy and cookie policy